Thursday, September 20, 2007

Developing Hybrid Gadgets for Google Desktop

If you are interested in developing gadgets for Google Desktop you may have heard of so-called hybrid gadget. It is a way to enhance your gadget with functionality that cannot be achieved in pure script and GD's API. Namely, you may write the part of the functionality, natively, as an ActiveX object and use it from the script without a need of having the typelib registered, etc.

If you would like to learn about this technique, I encourage you to read my article I have written for Google Developer Knowledge Base which is called Going Beyond Script: Developing Hybrid Gadgets. I hope you will enjoy it and that the article will prove useful. Feel free to leave here comments regarding the article.


A. H. Sanzo said...

Hello, Krizz!!

I'm from Argentina.
I just want to tell you that I think your gadget -Shortcuts Panel- is the best Google Gadget :) It's unbelievably useful!!

I have two suggestions :).
1) I'd really like to single click on a shortcut and the program opened -but when the gadget is not in focus. (I usually have the Google Gadgets behind a window, and when I want to open a program I have to click two or three times till the gadget gets focus and recognizes mi click :P)

2)It would be great if it had a way of organizing shortcuts -by seperator lines, for example.

¿Are you willing to share the code?
I'd love to see it and add what I can. :D
Don't be afraid, I think I know how to program. I'm currently an Engineering student, and I teach programming paradigms at university. I don't know as many languages as you, but I am currently learning, and I do it fast.

I didn't know where to put this, so I ended here.

Thank you!!!


Naeem said...

Really informative post. helped me alot. thanks.

alkya said...

Hey ur info was of great help. :)
Actually if possible i need some more help :P.
I have written a Server program using Winsock programming.I am doing an application where my Google gadget sends some text data to a server program using Winsock programming.My gadget is linked with an ATL dll which has Winsock client functions in it to communicate with the server.Now what i want is that when my winsock server sends data to my ATL client, i want the notification of this event in my Google there any way in which i can receive event notifications from COM into my Google gadget??

Webplore said...

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seema said...


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